Is your alarm system NBN ready?

The nbn™ network rollout is in full swing across Australia and while the nbn™ network promises to deliver higher broadband speeds and more reliable connectivity, it will also affect the way some monitored home alarm systems work. For this reason, it’s important to check whether your system will be affected by the new network.


During the NBN rollout, existing analogue phone lines and internet network infrastructure will receive an upgrade. This upgrade will replace the existing analogue telephone lines with digital broadband. Once the rollout is complete in your area, you will no longer have access to a fixed-line analogue telephone. This may affect how your alarm system communicates with an alarm monitoring provider.

Once the removal of your analogue telephone lines is complete and replaced with a digital connection, your alarm system may not be able to communicate with an alarm monitoring centre. We recommend the use of a GPRS unit. These GPRS unit will allow your alarm system to communicate independently from an analogue telephone and/or NBN.


For those whose monitored home security system will be affected by the nbn™ network, ALCOMSAT has introduced a cost-effective, nbn™ compatible package that uses 4G connectivity. The offer includes a fully installed 4G communicator with sim and back to base alarm monitoring.


One of the main benefits to switching to a 4G wireless solution is the ability to control your alarm system using our mobile application. You will be able to arm and/or disarm your alarm system from anywhere in the world with your cell phone application.


It may be wise to consider making the necessary changes prior to NBN rolling out in your area. Once the upgrade is complete, you may be at risk. Your alarm system may not communicate at the very moment the upgrade happens. A recent news article details how the NBN rollout has suddenly affected thousands of homes and businesses in Australia


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